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Diet Basics

Diet Basics Information on Basics to follow on a diet. If you are thinking of starting a basic diet for weight loss or general health, there is no time like the present. The etymology for the word ‘diet’ is derived from the latin word diaeta and means ‘manner of life’. The diet choices that you make every […]

Diabetic Diet

Diabetic Diet Diabetic diet. Information on and review of the diabetic diet. Diabetic diet When a person finds out that they have diabetes, one of the most profound changes to their life will be diet. Diabetics need to eat carefully, restricting certain foods from their diet. Diabetes and Insulin Production Diabetes makes the production of […]

Detox Diet

Detox Diet Detox diet. Review of and information on detox diet. What is the Detox diet? Detox means to detoxify, or remove toxins or poisons from the human body. The purpose of Detox is to neutralize and eliminate any compound in the body that can be toxic. Detoxification or Detox is a natural process that […]

Dannon Diet Plan

Dannon Diet Plan Dannon Diet Plan. We review this yummy diet. Good physical and mental health, plenty of exercise and a balanced Dannon diet plan constituting nutritious foods like the Dannon Yogurt will keep both your mind and body strong. At least this is what this popular company believes in. The theory is based on […]

Coffee and Dieting

Coffee and Dieting Coffee and Dieting. Information on Dieting and Coffee. An estimated 85 percent of Americans drink coffee, tea or soft drinks. However sadly, most of them are unaware or simply ignore the fact that there is a downside to caffeine consumption. High doses of caffeine can cause anxiety, dizziness, headache and can also […]

Cyber Dieting

Cyber Dieting Cyber Dieting Cyber dieting has been in for a while now. And the trend seems to be picking up. Two things are happening here. #1. With faster technology, more people are going and staying online for longer durations. #2. Increased health awareness and desire to look and stay slim. There is another factor. […]

Cleveland Clinic Diet

Cleveland Clinic Diet Cleveland Clinic Diet. Information on and Review of Cleveland Clinic Diet. The Cleveland clinic diet has gained in popularity in recent years as it has helped many lose weight quickly and feel healthier. There are other benefits as well. Such as it can help you get extra energy and lead a more […]

Cholesterol Diet

Cholesterol Diet Cholesterol Diet. Information on and review of the Cholesterol Diet A high level of Cholesterol in the diet may even lead to heart attack or stroke. While drugs, exercise and other therapies are prescribed, Cholesterol levels are lowered primarily by revising the dietary habits and limiting food that is rich in saturated fat. […]

Chicken Soup Diet

Chicken Soup Diet Chicken Soup Diet. Review of and information on the Chicken Soup Diet. Chicken Soup Diet Recipe. Most people love Chicken Soup. It’s been around for years and it’s often considered to be a healthy food choice. Naturally, someone decided to turn this into a diet plan which generates a bit of interest. […]

Chocolate Diet

Chocolate Diet Chocolate Diet. Information on and review of the Chocolate Diet. Chocolate Diet Review Chocolate is not usually what you think of when you think of dieting. Chocolate tends to be very calorically dense, and that never makes for an ideal diet food. However, in very small amounts, can aid a dieter. How can […]

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